I'm Adriana designed time of garments in dry and wet felt of fleece more known as felt nuno that in Japanese means cloth.

I've got 3 children and 55 years of age; 5 years ago I started with is you art from the fleece and it was when I studied and specialized in Chili . OR n day I had lucky enough to experiment with the fleece of the llama and sheep and the result was magical, he had achieved recreate a textile material t as beautiful as the colors of the hills jujeños

The result was unique , unrepeatable that can receive any form, to be manipulated, caressed and transformed on the most beautiful handcrafted piece . A piece m and it takes about 5 days as all the process is in m shape annual.

Place the fabric on a counter and depending on the taste of each client I place the fleece of different colors by moistening it with hot soapy water and then I knead it for 4 hours so that the fleece and the fabric can be joined, drying is in the sun, Y once the p rent with a needle to felt work some areas to unify them better.

I am inspired by life and fill my creations with joy